New Book For Coaches, Course Creators and Entrepreneurs Reveals...

"The Exact Blueprint I've Used To Build Seven Figure Marketing Campaigns..."

Without Relying On Paid Ads, Social Media Or Talking To Prospects On The Phone.

New Book For Coaches, Course Creators and Entrepreneurs Reveals...

"The Exact Blueprint I've Used To Build Seven Figure Marketing Campaigns..."

Without Relying On Paid Ads, Social Media Or Talking To Prospects On The Phone.

A Breakthrough Method To Sell More Courses And Enroll More Clients While Reclaiming More Free Time.

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From the desk of: Richard Legg
London, UK

Dear Friend,

Want to know how I build six, or even seven figure marketing campaigns online while spending less money on advertising and having more free time?

Here’s the secret:

No More Social Media Posting, Lead Magnets, Or Strategy Sessions. Just A Simple, Automated System.

My business in the past:

I used to spend money on paid ads, trying to get people to sign up for a free lead magnet, creating endless “good will” content and hoping they’d eventually buy something from me.

(Spoiler alert. They mostly didn’t)

My business now:

I went from 12 hour days “hustling” for a few low ticket sales, to generating over six figures per month while working less than half that time per day.

In fact, living in the UK and selling to customers all over the world means most of my income comes in when I’m asleep.

$22,570 In Sales Overnight With Zero Ad Spend

The best part about my business now?

  • I don't rely on paid ads. (Sure I use some - I'd be stupid not to - but 90% of my revenue is not from paid advertising.)
  • I don't worry about constantly posting on social media. (I only post about once a year to say thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday.)
  • I don't talk to prospects on the phone. (I don't see the point in spending an hour trying to get someone to buy in-person when I can automate it and spend more time with my kids.)

How’d I do it?

I’m not special. I’m not a genius. I’m definitely not a “guru”.

I discovered there are some key "Profit Pillars" (eight, to be exact) that are essential to getting maximum results in an online business.

Yes, you can have some success without all of them. But it will be virtually impossible to hit seven figures with only a couple in place.

Small Changes = BIG RESULTS

When you combine these eight Profit Pillars in the right sequence, each one has a greater and greater impact on the next, making it almost impossible to fail.

Just like how each of these dominoes below - when arranged in the right order - has a greater impact on the next one:

If you tried knocking down the biggest domino with just the smallest one, it would never work.

If you only had the smallest domino and none of the others, the impact is tiny.

But get all the right pieces in the right places and the big domino falls...

Every. Single. Time..

Once I put these pieces in place for my business, I generated my first ever six figure month.

I've used these same Profit Pillars with my clients to help them have their own six figure months, and even six figure weeks.

Here’s the truth:

"The Potential Revenue Was Always There. I Just Needed To Know How To Unlock It."

Obviously I can’t promise that you’ll get the same results. It took me a lot of time and hard work to figure this out and implement it for myself.

But it does work. And not just for me.

Let me also share some of the results I’ve achieved for clients using these methods:

How Would Your Business Change If It Looked Like This?

Check Out This Client's Sales From Just One Week...

$105,483 Collected In One Week ($150,083 Total After Payment Plans)

What If You Could Consistently Get New High Ticket Clients?

... Over $1.65 Million From One Offer

... Banking Six Figures A Month Using 100% Automated Campaigns.

... Or Generating Multiple Six Figures In Sales With Zero Ad Spend

... Over Seven Figures In Revenue With One Project

Disclaimer: To be 100% clear, these results are not typical. I’ve been doing this for 15+ years. My clients get amazing results because we work together and because they implement my strategies. Most people don’t take action, so they don’t get results. Any business requires hard work and persistence. But for those who are willing to do the work, the rewards are worth it.

Get The Complete Guide To Scaling A Business Beyond Six And Seven Figures With These Proven Strategies.

Seven Figure Blueprints reveals exactly how to create campaigns that myself and clients have used to routinely generate seven figures in sales.

It’s only $4.99 for the digital version on this page. (Or $29.99 for the hardcover in stores)

Once you've implemented the strategies and made a boatload of extra money with minimal effort, you may want to hire me to help you make even more.

Or maybe not.

But either way, it’ll show you everything you need to do this yourself.

Here's Just Some Of What You'll Discover In This New Book...

  • The hands-down most powerful method for supercharging sales that I know of. (Page 77-78)
  • The secret to successfully running a product launch every day of the year. (Page 170)
  • My absolute, essential, no-questions-you-gotta-have-this-tool for your business. (Page 50)
  • How to get 5X as much as much traffic from the same marketing efforts. (Page 36)
  • The little-known website that will give you near unlimited content ideas that laser targeted to your ideal customer. (Page 65)
  • How to overcome the two 'T's that stop people buying from you. (Page 44)
  • What you must never, ever, ever do when selling these types of products. (Page 128)
  • How to use 'secret links' that make customers happy to give you more money. (Page 82)
  • Why you shouldn't be scared to charge more. (Page 118)
  • The _____ ______ that converts more visitors into leads than anything else. (Page 55)
  • The simple, 2-minute change that can instantly increase profits. (Page 51)
  • How to cram three months of work into just two hours. (Page 168)
  • The proven shortcut for finding the right messaging that resonates with your buyers. (Page 63)
  • This one element on your website that could be killing your sales if done wrong. (Page 75)
  • Uncover the simple way to build an army of sales people that never need a salary. (Page 26)
  • A 100 year old lesson from the aviation industry to help you stay ahead of your competition. (Page 2)
  • The key 'sweet spot' number to focus on in your business for maximum growth. (Page 9)
  • How to charge $20 and $5,000 for the same thing. (Page 119)
  • Why you should actively be getting people to remove themselves from your marketing. (Page 49)
  • The 'supermarket secret' for increasing revenue almost effortlessly. (Page 92)
  • The ONE simple tweak that DOUBLED revenue immediately (Page 89)

Plus You'll Also Learn...

  • The (almost) perfect recurring income program. (Page 141)
  • How to remove 'sticker shock' and keep prospects engaged long enough to convert to a sale. (Page 70)
  • The key metric that will let you sell more by giving away as much cash as possible. (Page 23)
  • The one mistake that killed sales and turned $5,000 into just $50. (Page 108)
  • Create products with 100% certainty they'll sell. (Page 124)
  • How to make sure your business isn't blindly heading towards a dead end. (Page 10)
  • The 'C' word that makes selling expensive items drop dead easy. (Page 97)
  • How to pinpoint the people who have their credit card in hand ready to buy. (Page 56)
  • The one parameter you need to consider before you ever write a single word of sales copy. (Page 66)
  • Grow your profits even faster by intentionally LOSING money this way. (Page 29)
  • How to build a 'set and forget' traffic stream that will send you customers for years. (Page 34)
  • The 'locksmith effect' that almost guarantees someone purchases from you. (Page 43)
  • How to make people want to never stop giving you money. (Page 132)
  • The 'menu hack' from the restaurant industry that gets people paying more without realizing it. (Page 115)
  • Make more sales by giving each customer exactly what they want. (Page 81)
  • How to copy the gold medal winning methods a team coach used to dominate the Olympics. (Page 5)
  • Get people who would normally cancel to buy even more of your product. (Page 134)
  • The BIGGEST mistake most business owners make without realizing it. (Page 11)
  • How to get paid as much as $1,000 per hour. (Page 99)
  • The easiest way to build more trust and kill customer skepticism. (Page 67)
  • How this pricing re-frame leads to more sales and happier customers. (Page 113)
  • The last minute, 'Hail Mary' pitch that increased revenue by 55% in one campaign. (Page 72)

Get More Strategies To Increase Conversions Including...

  • Why you should NOT offer a payment plan except in this specific circumstance and how it boosted revenue by 125%. (Page 130)
  • How to know if you should price your product high or low. (Page 90)
  • The single step to instantly turn a losing campaign into a winner. (Page 18)
  • How your product's format affects your profitability. (Page 157)
  • Why 'recycling' your marketing brings you 2-3x revenue with minimal extra effort. (Page 100)
  • How to ethically 'trick' your customer into thinking a product is less expensive. (Page 116)
  • The easy way to uncover your market's secret desires. (Page 58)
  • How adding __________ in an email line subject increased sales conversions. (Page 73)
  • How to 'steal' from the experts to kick-start your own brand. (Page 125)
  • Make it easy for customers to spend more with you with ___ ___ _____. (Page 91)
  • How to turn one visitor into 5-10 more with a single click. (Page 19)
  • Bank high ticket sales without talking to anyone. (Page 166)
  • How to get more customers by being more expensive. (Page 105)
  • Use this to give prospects ultimate confidence in your product/service. (Page 71)
  • How most people unknowingly put the handbrake on their business every single year. (Page 148)
  • This kills trust quicker than anything I've seen. (Page 95)
  • The ingenious pricing trick that gave a 42% increase in revenue with no extra effort. (Page 111)

These Methods Work Even If You Don't Have Your Own Products Yet...

Let’s be honest for a second.

You should always be aiming to have your own products/services to sell.

But you don’t need them to start out.

You can use these same strategies to build a business around selling other people’s products first.

Hint: Even if you do have your own products, you can still use this to sell other stuff and generate even more revenue.

I banked an extra six figures as an affiliate just by adding on one of these campaigns to my customer follow up sequence:

So even if you don’t have anything of your own to sell yet, you can still build these campaigns and get paid for making sales of other people’s products.

(In fact, I’ll share with you one of my client’s campaigns that pays as much as $1,000 per sale as a partner.)

Get Your Copy Now And Receive These Free Bonuses

You're also going to get two exclusive bonus reports that break down in forensic detail some of my best performing campaigns:

Bonus Report #1 - "The $116,117 Per Month Automated Sales Funnel.

You'll get to see a complete breakdown of a fully automated sales funnel that generated $116,117 a month without ever talking to a single client or paying for a single penny in paid traffic.

Once you set this type of sales funnel up, it just works. With this bonus report you'll be able to model it for yourself.

Bonus Report #2 - "The Campaign That Generated $149 Per Email Address

This report will show you the results of a campaign that generated $149 for every single person that gave their email address.

You'll get to see the types of pages we used, the psychology behind the sales process and everything you need to craft your own similar campaign.

Here's My 100% Guarantee

Take a full year to go through the book and the bonuses.

If for some reason you don't think it was worth the $4.99 you paid, just let me know and I'll send you back every penny. No hard feelings. You can even keep everything.

But this truly is a limited offer so make sure to claim your copy now while you still can:

Get Your Copy Of Seven Figure Blueprints Now

See you on the inside,

Richard Legg

If you've just skipped to the end, here's the deal:

  • I’ve built 7-figure campaigns for myself and my clients without relying on paid ads, constant posting on social media, or talking to prospects on the phone.
  • For just $4.99 you’ll get instant access to the digital book that reveals exactly how you can build these campaigns yourself.
  • You’re also getting two bonus reports which outline how I built a $116,117 per month automated sales funnel AND the campaign that generated $149 for each person that gave their email address.
  • There’s no catch. No hidden trial or anything. In fact, try the book for a year. If you don’t like it, I’ll refund every penny and you can keep the book.

P.P.S. Just one simple strategy (revealed on page 79) was enough for this client to double their sales in an afternoon

You'll discover this strategy and countless more when you click below and grab your copy now...

About The Author

Richard Legg started his first business over 15 years ago while studying for a physics degree.

Since then he's generated millions in revenue for himself and his clients using his scientific approach to digital marketing.

These days Richard enjoys working with online business owners to increase revenues, minimize costs and automate their business to reclaim more freedom for themselves.

Above all, Richard is a father first and entrepreneur second, believing that a successful business should give more freedom and time to spend with family. Otherwise you’re doing it wrong.

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